Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Barbie looks pretty good for 50

Barbie's 50th anniversary recently just past and she had a fashion show at Bryant Park to celebrate. Some photos from the show via Elle magazine.

50, really? Barbie, what's your secret to staying so young ;P


Pool Party Barbie

One of my favorites! I would love to wear this one out on the town. Love the blue gloves.

This dress is so cute.

Retro Barbie.

This is Dianve Von Furstenburg. I want this dress!

Birthday Party Barbie!

Summer Barbie!

Some of the outfits are a bit too pink, even for me. But they are just so fun! You rock Barbie!


  1. I love that they did this...I have a very soft spot for Barbie!

  2. They did it so well without being cheesy! I love it!

    OMG P.S I've been trying to comment your blog yesterday alllll day like a stalker and it wouldn't let me!!


  3. so when are they shipping those clothes to my house? i need them all! that DVF dress, of course, is fantastic. barbie is so cool.

  4. who wouldn't want to look like this??!?!?! super cute stuff!

  5. Elizabeth Marie-

    So sorry the blog wouldn't let you comment yesterday. I thought it was acting up. I changed the setting so you can easily comment now. I hope it is working okay now.

  6. these are adorable--I'm with you on the blue gloves. I love the brigette bardot hair too--so much fun!

  7. I've been looking for the perfect barbie pink dress for a while now. I find it quite a difficult task because they always end up being way too girly. Since I have blond hair it's a don't or i'll end up looking like a Barbie myself

  8. Ooh I want that pink dress with the blue gloves outfit too! Gorgeous. I never feel too good wearing pink though, because I'm blonde I fear I'll look toooo barbie, but seeing as she's 50 I should just embrace it ! :)

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Barbie! This was fabulous! :)

  10. How is it that the models actually look plastic?! Haha! Awesome.

  11. That DVF photo reminds me of the "career" barbie I had. Great post!


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