Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kelly Wearstler - Bed linen edition

Above photo via Top Design

As promised....below are some pics of Kelly Wearstler's new luxury bed linen for Sferra. I love the textures and patterns! I also love how it's elegant yet soft and pretty. The design is not too crazy or from the 90's ;) More subdued. I think it's pretty and cozy: can totally picture sleeping for hours in it!

Photos via Apartment Therapy

I really like the yellow pillow and that swirly blue one in the back.

So, unfortunately, I never watched Top Design and I missed Kelly Wearstler's over the top outfits and style. In addition, I'm not a huge design buff where I know the who's who of the design world. I really just like what I like, not because it's from a specific "in" designer. So, since my knowledge of Kelly Wearstler and her work is limited, I did a little research. Quite interesting to say the least. Many either love her style or hate it. Some say her design is too decade specific, like the 70's or the 90's (see earlier post). Many speculate that she is where she is today because she married a hotel developer (The Kor Group) and of course had the opportunity to decorate some of his hotels (the Viceroy, Avalon & Maison 140). The rumor is that she's a bit of an opportunist and has a great nack for self-promotion. BTW, she posed in Playboy in the 90's too (just thought that was interesting, definitely NOT judging). Well, I am not one to speculate (too much) and I have to say what's wrong with a little self promotion and working what you've got. I conclude that she has great fashion sense, is gorgeous of course and since I like most of her work, I'm all for her :)

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