Monday, February 9, 2009

Lets go travel!

Phuket Thailand

A friend of mine is going on a 3 month vacation traveling to Mexico, South America and Thailand. This past weekend she had a bon voyage party. She's only 24 so she has the luxury of taking a little work hiatus (lucky) and packing her bags to embark on a experience of a life time. I'm so envious *sigh.

When I was 22, my sister, a friend and I traveled to France and Spain. We stayed in hostels, which at that age is an awesome way to travel. It was an amazing time and great experience. I definately recommend to any young person to save money to travel abroad. It's so cool to see different countries, other cultures and meet new people. Especially when you're at an age where you have the freedom to do so.

Last year I was fortunate enough to go to Phuket, Thailand with some friends. This time no hostels ;) we traveled in style and stayed at the Marriott Hotel & Resort thanks to my friend who has a time share there. Since this trip, one of my goals is to travel out of the country every year. But since I am a little low on the funds (um like $0 for travel right now, not to mention a somewhat hefty credit card balance that I need to pay off) don't know if it's going to happen in 09. Right now I may have to settle for a trip down memory lane.

Phuket, Thailand Spring 2008

Patong Beach on Phuket. This is where the tsunami happened a few years back. So sad. They have rebuilt everything since. There were signs that said "If a Tsunami happens run for the hills".
So many Thai people on scooters. Even as many as four on one. Even little kids and babies. They must be reading the Britney Spear's parenting hand book ;p

This was my signature hair style the whole time there. It was so hot and humid, I didn't even try to do my hair.

Caution: major roots which make my hair look like it's dark brown (I prefer lighter on me).

View from the pool at the Mariott Hotel. This place was absolutely gorgeous.

Right outside the hotel there was a man with an elephant. Isn't it sooo darn cute! It was dancing. Don't laugh too hard at the fanny pack we were going for a hike that day. I know it's totally dorky :)
Check out the speedos!
I even got to ride an elephant! It was so much fun but I felt bad for the elephants because they looked a little old. I hope they treated them good.

We took a boat ride (got totally sea sick) and found some monkeys. People were feeding them bananas and watermelon.

Great vacation! Ooh, now I really want to travel so bad!

I have a lot of places I would like to travel to. My top 6:

#6 Sweden
#5 Hungary (I am 1/3 hungarian so it would be cool to check out my roots)

#4 Austraila
#3 Italy

#2 Costa Rica
#1 place I really really want to go to: The Greek Isles: Santorini and Mykonos

phota by billandcathy via flickr

photo by lpinseel via flickr

photos by lpinseel via flickr

Doesn't it look so beautiful there? I love the architecture, the white buildings and the splashes of color. It's so quaint.

I recently saw the movie Mamma Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I admit it) and fell in love over and over again with Santorini.

Oh, I better start saving! What countries are on your "must travel to" list?


  1. Sounds amazing... I'm only 22, but there's no way I would quit my job. I need to finish school first! I have an itch to travel now!! Thanks. Lol.

  2. all such amazing places. i spent a month in Spain and Portugal last winter...insanity. i just want to make traveling my career, right?

  3. thailand is very fun and massage sessions are super cheap.

  4. That's all I want to do in life is travel. I too am an underfunded heiress! It's such a difficult balance. Clothes, shoes, maintenance, fun etc. WOW, gals have it tough! Greece is on my top 5! You didn't tell me about Spain/ France... I think you have traveled more than I and lived in Cal. for 15 yrs. So, shhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Oh, and I like your hair darker too. It seems to make your eyes pop. Good blog.
    If they had as many travel shows as reality junk then perhaps we could all be a Samantha Brown. I envy her huge!

  5. The massages were one of my favorite pastimes! On the beach and so inexpensive. And pretty good!

  6. You are soo lucky! I would love to go to Phuket! It looks amazing. I went to Mykonos a couple years ago (and other parts of Greece) and I would NOT recommend going in the off season, the people are half the fun and those islands are not as fun in the off season. Just FYI :)

  7. boy oh boy, i wish i had money and that i could teleport to all of the rad places you mentioned. wah.

  8. I think it's a mentality not necessarily age ... to take off and travel like that. Of course it would be tough to be so carefree when you have a mortgage, kids, etc. Soooooo, what's holding us back?! hahaha

  9. I wish I had the money too! Can't I win the lotto!

    Thanks for the info about the off season for Greece. Good to know.

    Good girl- hahaha Good one. ;)

  10. I've been to mykonos and it's amazing. been to Italy, no words for it, too incredible. I would love to return to Paris and Germany. Austria was pretty amazing. I'm so so so want to go next year and am aiming to do so.

  11. Wow - great photos! Now I want to travel, too, and if you knew how much I hate packing, you'd know what a miracle that is...

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog - I really appreciate that! Yours is awesome...

    Take care...

    :^) Anna

  12. Isn't it the best awww, I also am envious. But I am with you once you have traveled abroad I changes goals I think. I want to also try each year to go international..

    PS, having a giveaway at my blog, free art will help you save;)

  13. I'm so glad you enjoyed Thailand. We like to go every other year or so--the shopping is phenomenal (in Bangkok) but the shore is just so relaxing!
    I am dying to go to Greece as just looks so pretty!

  14. Thailand looks beautiful!
    I too, would love to visit the greek isles... although, top of my list are Bora Bora, Dubai, and Bali.


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