Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kitchen Makeover

photo via northern sun

My boyfriend and I are repainting the bathroom and kitchen. We finally got a new floor in the bathroom and we are waiting to get a new wood floor and counter tops for the kitchen -please land lord hurry! Right now the kitchen is just cream. It's kinda boring and plain. I moved into my boyfriend's place awhile back and have been trying to make it cute ever since. It looks so "bachelor". Ugh! Once I make it pretty, I'll post a photo of it.

I love a room that's bright and airy. I am thinking of light color for the walls, probably blue and painting the cabinets white. The below photos are my inspiration.

photo by David Meredith via Domino Magazine

I love the splashes of bright color. So cheerful!

photo by Migual Flores-Vianna via Domino Magazine

This kitchen is so roomy. I love that table. Way too big for my place.

photo by Simon Upton via Elle Decor

Our kitchen is more like this size- tiny. Aren't those bar stools so stylish?

photo by Erik Johnson via Elle Decor

Ooh, I love the bright breakfast nook next to the bay window. What a great place to eat breakfast or drink some coffee.

photo by Erik Johson via Elle Decor

I love the bright yellow wall.

photo by Claudio Santini via Elle Decor

I think the light blue color in the photo from my Barbie's Dream Home post here would be perfect! What do you think?


  1. I can't wait to see the final result! I love white cabinets in kitchens...I have a white/mint green/pink color scheme in mine and do not think that I will ever tire of it!

  2. oooo i love the second one. can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. i sure love the first photo!!!!!

  4. oooh I wish I could get an all-white kitchen..I'm so messy when I cook, it wouldn't last a week. I just adore that white kitchen table you posted--is that white marble???? gorgeous!!!

  5. Who on earth does have a kitchen big enough for that giant table?? Maybe in fairy tales. But I love all the white with punches of color!

  6. these interiors are so stunning!

  7. ahhh i love all these pics! makes me want to decorate! it's hard to choose btwn the rustic bright and modern bright! your blog is awesome!

  8. Is wood flooring replacing the carpet? stools would be great for your counter then.


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