Thursday, January 29, 2009

Will You Decorate My Apartment, Please?

photo via Sferra

I just got my daily email from Apartment Therapy with the news that the interior design goddess Kelly Wearstler will have a new line of bedding for Sferra coming out soon. Oooh, how exciting! She has impeccable tast and beautiful style. Apartment Therapy will have pics soon...can't wait! In the meantime, below are some of photos of her guesthouse behind her Beverly Hills home. So glamorous!
photos below via Domino Magazine

photo below via Apartment Therapy
photos below via Domino magazine

Kelly Wearstler decorates a lot of upscale boutique hotels, including my favorite the Viceroy!

Side note: So it's starting to really sink in how completely sucky the economy is: Domino Magazine is closing-what!!!. I am so disappointed. So much of my inspiration came from this magazine. It was such a sweet surprise every month when it came in the mail, not too mention being able to peruse the site for gorgeous photos! This is sooooo depressing!!!
photo via sfgirlbybay


  1. that lady is amazing...

    i had no idea about domino.. thanks?.. i do like that mag.. sad really.

    the site is great..

    take care


  2. Cool! Makes me want to spend days thrifting! So, do you always start your day at like 4 in the morning... if so, what time do you go to bed and if you do not sleep... can you tell me your secret to no sleep and still being creative and fun?

  3. Hey Tia-

    Thank you for saying I'm creative!

    Start my day at 4? Why do you think so early? I schedule the posts if that's what you mean. I go to sleep around 11 and wake up 6. I looooove sleep though ;)

  4. Oh... I thought those times were accurate; like when you do it. I too love sleep. 8 a night is ideal, but 7 is necessary and a nap every once in a while gives me the zeal of a tot. :-)

  5. Awe, I miss the days of ACTUALLY posting and reading blogs at 4am. MY good 'ol heiress days. hehe (On the slight chance anyone, besides Mel, is reading this, I would END my days at 4am.)

  6. Oh, and I'm totally infatuated with those 2 leather chairs in one of the photos.

  7. So are the 90's are coming back (last photo grouping)?

  8. Yeah, a lot of people either love her work or hate it. I'm in love with her decor for the boutique hotel's she's decorated like the Viceroy Santa Monica and Palm Springs. Even the other LA hotels are nice. But I agree with the last two photos being a bit 90's. Not my favorite too many patterns and a bit gawdy for my taste. But I like the bedroom, office and kitchen. But I would probably tame them down too.

  9. Oh, I love it... it's so chic and beautiful.

  10. oh gosh its oozing with decadent 70's glamour which i love! shes very talented.thanks for sharing.
    muah x

  11. great inspirational photos! Love the 1st & 2nd!


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