Friday, January 2, 2009

Let me check my calendar

I recently purchased a 2009 calendar from Orange Beautiful on their etsy site. There were a lot of cute calendars out there to choose from but once I spotted this one on their blog, The Scoop, I knew my search was over! I have always loved handwriting so naturally I have a love of fonts too. In addition to enjoying the fonts, I love the whole design of it. It's very elegant and stylish with a clean crisp look. What really is cool is that you can detach the bottom calendar portion after the month is over and then the calendar becomes a piece of artwork. It would look great to have all of the months hanging in a picture frame once the year ends.


  1. Orange Beautiful has great stuff! Cool calendar.

  2. I was just having a convo today with a friend of mine about how I am recently obsessed with typefaces! I find myself looking at them online frequently. I may have to get this calendar as well... Etsy is the best!


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