Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Big Apple

photo via nymag

It was a little dreary and cold here in Cali this past weekend, so I caught up on some episodes of The City. I know it's as FAKE as The Hills but I love it! The City is so much better than The Hills. The Hills characters made me want to puke way too often. They are NOT that cute and so BORING, not to mention ANNOYING. I only really watched it to see where they would go in LA and to see the few cute outfits they would wear. I have completely stopped watching it and could care less what those people are doing or should I say not really doing ;) Even though The City is probably as shallow and silly, it has a way better story line and the cast is cuter and cooler (Whitney was the only one I really thought was cute and somewhat normal from the Hills). I also go crazy for their amazing style and fabulous apartments not to mention AWESOME New York! I'm so jealous!

Just an FYI, I was at a concert in LA a few months back and saw Whitney there. She was dressed so adorable in a short puffy sweetheart cut prom like dress and ballet flats.

Love that fun skirt.

Wow, look at that view.

I think Jay's a hottie. Or maybe it's just his Australian accent. Anyone on board with me?


  1. whit is definitely my favorite and the most normal. i want to squeeze erin's cheeks and olivia is stunning. jay, hot.

  2. Hey, isn't that Justin Bobby in that last photo?? ;)

  3. It's so funny you hate the Hills yet love The City. For me it's the opposite, probably because I live in NY. Once it came to my city I saw just how fake it really is!


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