Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barbie's Dream Home

Sorry Barbie, but I'm giving you an eviction notice! This house was built for me! When I was a little girl, my favorite pastime was playing barbies. I had a dozen barbie dolls, not to mention Ken, Skipper, even the Corvette. But the one thing I always wished for was the Barbie Dream House....instead I had the trailer ;( So, even to this day, it's been my wish to live in a cute Barbie like house.

Look how adorable the pink house is peaking out from behind the trees. This picture is taken at my friend house who lives across the street. She's Barbie's neighbor!

I bet it's really cute inside. Maybe something like this.....
photo by Eric Striffler via Elledecor

photo by Alexandra Rowley via Elledecor

I love the carving in the stairway - very unique!
photo by Coliena Rentmeester via Domino magazine

photo by Weldon Owen Inc via Domino magazine
I could spend hours in that bathtub. Glass of wine, fruity mask on my face and some chillin relaxing.
photo by Paul Costello via Domino Magazine

That chandelier is gorgeous and goes so well with the blue walls. Light blue is my favorite color next to pink :-)
photo via Elledecor

BTW, the pink house is right by the beach so my Dream home has to have an amazing view and of course a great spot to lounge ;D

I'll keep you posted on my move in date..........I wish!


  1. Need a roomate?

    I still love Barbies, who wouldn't love a Barbie house??

    *Bon Don*

  2. Adorable! But I'm not sure "Ken" will go for it. ;-)

    Why did we have the trailer AND McDonald's instead of the Dream House?? hhhhmmmmm....

  3. wow, I would get sick if I had to live there, but it is cute.

  4. cute! i have a feeling the inside isn't as cute as you planned it ;)

  5. i had a bunch of barbies. when i turned seven, i packed them in a little briefcase i had and gave them to my 16 year old cousing. didn't miss them. HOWEVER, if the inside of that house has a bathtub like that, i'll TOTALLY return to my barbie loving days...

  6. Cute! Ahh the days of playing with my Barbie townhouse, ice cream parlor/machine, 57 chevy, her hippie van, and her fun wardrobe! Let us know when you move in :)

  7. That pink house is the cutest thing I've ever seen!


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