Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Easy Being Green

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Resolution #1: Be More Green. I try to do my part and be eco-friendly but for 2009 I am going to try to do much much more. I am proud to say that I have been using reusable grocery bags way before it became trendy ;p Yes, I was one of the first to confuse countless check out persons and endure strange looks and snickers from the other shoppers in line. (Well, maybe not one of the first ;) But now it's catching on-yippie! I am no longer made to feel like a wierdo or kookie tree hugger. Did you know that in Europe they charge customers for bags? I think that's a great idea. Ikea is the only store here that I know of that does that. The Euros are such trendsetters :) BYOB now has a new meaning! Let's all jump on board and free up some space in the landfill this year!

One of my favorite stores to shop at for sustainable products is This site is a one stop shop featuring various brands of reusable grocery bags, cotton totes, water bottles and more. My absolute favorite reusable market bags are Envirosax. They come in such cool colors and designs. My favorite are the graphic series, specifically the Mikado pouch collection. Although you can buy them individually, they also offer the option of buying 5 all at once. The 5 bag option comes in this little easy to carry wristlet pouch. This way everything stays neat and organized. It's so convenient: no more excuses for not bringing your own bag. Not only is it so easy to do something great for our planet but you can look oh so faboulous doing it!

photo via Reusablebags

photos via Envirosax
P.S. I also love cotton totes. They are great for Target trips and clothes shopping. I bought this one from Rock Paper Scissor during the summer. I take it everywhere!

Sidenote: I just couldn't resist bedazzling my tote with a little Obama flair :D

Photos via Paper Rock Scissor


  1. "Plastic bags blow" - what a brilliant saying! I've been using the nylon bags for years. They're so convenient to carry with you that I end up using them ALL the time. I keep some in my car, scrunch them up and then throw them in my purse.

  2. I just made the same resolution and a similar blog post :) altho I didn't get to say "plastic bags blow"

  3. BYOB is already taken I think :)

    Nice looking reusable bags, need to consider this next time. It ain't easy being green

  4. This is such a good idea. I would use these bags any day.

  5. oooh i LOVE rock paper scissor

  6. I also have been carrying my own bags as well before it finally caught on, thankfully!! and I remember this one bagger was so confused at why I was handing him this cloth bag and I had to explain why I was using it. But yay for it catching on.

  7. i'm with you on this one! i love those baggu bags. they hold a ton!


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