Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Battling the Winter Blues

By Melanie

source: Allure Magazine

My skin hasn't been cooperating lately. Ugh!

I've always had combo skin with a tendency to break out a little. Not any more (or at least not in the last few months). Now my skin is SUPER dry! How did this happen? I can't even image how my skin would be reacting if I actually lived in cold weather.

Luckily, I found two little secret weapons to help me fight my dry winter skin.


1. Cetaphil facial wash


This face wash is so gentle yet does a great job at cleaning the skin. What I love about it is that it doesn't leave an oily residue like many face washes for dry skin do. Dermatologists are always recommending it. Plus it's inexepensive and found at the drugstore. Can't beat that!

2. Epicuren Ultra Rose Treat Enzyme moisturizer. I recently bought this and it's helped so much! It's pricey but so worth it. Although there is one thing I dont like about it . The smell. Since it's infused with Bulgarian Rose oil it smells perfumey. But luckily that disappears after a minute or two.


Bye bye dry skin!

(Btw just as an FYI, this is strictly my personal recommendation. I was not paid from any of the above companies to promote their product).


  1. I would love to try something new for my dry skin. The winter is a killer.

  2. I love Cetaphil, although I use the "daily facial cleanser" not the one pictured above.

    Glad you've found products you like, that's always half the battle.

  3. ugh I get horrible dry skin and lips this time of year...

  4. Do you happen to have sensitive skin. It is so hard for me to find products that don't break me out!


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