Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Drops

By Melanie

This week here in So Cal has been chilly, rainy and windy. The rain is crazy! I could barely see out of my car windshield when driving one day! We are not use to having weather!


my hair is a frizz ball! I've worn it back all week.

Rainy weather always makes me want to stay in and watch a movie or sit at a coffee shop with a good book drinking hot chocolate or coffee.

source: Black Book Magazine

Speaking of warm fuzzy drinks, I came across an article about Starbucks on Black Book magazine. The corporation recently announced that they more than tripled their profits in the last quarter of 2009. Hmmm..interesting in a recession. I guess I'm the only one that cut back on soy lattes :) (Actually the real reason is due to more than just coffee junkies but rather job cuts etc.- boo but I still love my starbucks!)

Keep warm, dry and frizz free this weekend!


  1. Oh I definitely cut back on my Starbucks addiction. I heard about the rain in Cali. I hope you guys aren't near the mudslides or anything. Frizz is my enemy too. I hope it lets up soon!!

  2. Rain rain go away! I want my sunny california back.

    That's interesting about Starbucks. I'll have to read that article. They did make a lot of changes recently. I wonder what quarter they're comparing sales to.

  3. that starbucks thing is hilarious. And I've heard about all the rain down there, its nuts! Its been raining in Dallas a lot, which sucks because no one knows how to drive in the rain. I'm from up north so I can drive in any weather. Irritating in the least. Plus I hate getting wet.


  4. . I hope you guys aren't near the mudslides or anything.

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  5. It is so unwitchy of you to like starbucks. damn the man, long live non chain coffee shops!


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