Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sexy Fun Campaign

By Melanie

Since I was just in love with Sonia Rykiel's wedding dresses on Monday's post, I can't help but blog about her amazing debut for her lingerie line at H&M in France.

It's so unique and fun!

Love her wild hair with the little hair accessorie. Is that a hat? How cute!

photos source: daily mail uk

I love this chandelier!

The preview for the collection debuted under a specially made Eiffel Tower.

source: Mamas Rolling Stone

I just love the set. How creative!


  1. That is so sexy! I am dying for that chandelier too! Maybe furniture for my apartment? ha.

  2. I one of the VERY lucky first runne-ups for your giveaway contest a month or two back, and although it's taken some time, I have placed an order with my $50 certificate and can't wait to get my pistol earrings!
    Thankyou again!

  3. OMG girls with curves in underwear!! finally.

    thanks for commenting on my post :)

    love your blog, will be following from now on :)

  4. Eifel tower is awesome :)))xx

  5. i love the pieces and the presentation is spectacular!

  6. lily cole! the more frizzy red-headed models the better I say!


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