Friday, January 29, 2010

Books and Bikes

By Melanie


This is the last weekend of winter break before my graphic design classes start again. Spring semester starts this Monday. I'm excited! But I know I'm going to be so busy the next few months.

It looks like the rain will break for this weekend so I'm hoping to go on a nice bike ride on the boardwalk.


Btw, can anyone recommend a good online printing company? I'm trying to print my card collection on recycled paper and I'm having trouble finding a company that offers a high quality selection of paper.

Have a great Friday! Any plans this weekend?


  1. you might be better off going to a local printing and doing it. that way you can get a sample before they print everything. what kind of cards? like calling or greeting? xo

  2. Love that first picture! Enjoy your bike ride this weekend :)

  3. a lot of books a have read from these collone :D so pinky :)

  4. You are too cute!!!



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