Monday, January 11, 2010

So feminine

By Melanie

After going to my cousin's wedding, I caught the wedding bug again. I've been spending way too much time on wedding blogs! I'm in love with Sonia Rykiel's chiffon wedding dresses.

source: ilovelolliblog blog

source: A Brides Guide To Chic blog

Isn't it so ethereal?
source: ilovelolliblog

I love the butterflies in the model's hair (sorry I couldn't get the photo to appear bigger but you can see the large one on ilovelolliblog).
I could picture this dress for a daytime blush colored theme garden wedding. So pretty!


  1. oh that is so gorgeous!!! i can so picture it in a spring garden wedding! love it! :)

  2. ahhh they are so great!!! the butterflies are a nice touch also. <3

  3. You are right, it's hard not to catch the wedding bug. Gorgeous dresses! xo

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  5. I sure wouldn't mind a vow renewal so I could buy a fabulous new gown!

  6. I'm making a few bridesmaid dresses and so I bought some wedding magazines and I can't help but get all swept up again in the glamour of some wedding dreses. These are beauties...

  7. Love these photos! I love to look at any wedding-related photos.

  8. they are so great!!! the butterflies are a nice touch also. <

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