Friday, March 19, 2010

Dresses, movies and the perfect hair

By Melanie

source: not sure, please let me know if you do

Last Saturday afternoon was spent trying on wedding dresses and I found one that I LOVE!!! Right when I tried on the dress I knew it was the one! It wasn't even one of the original dresses that I picked out but rather a recommendation from the sales girl. I can't wait to show it to you. I think you will love it too.

So this weekend I have lots of non-wedding planning stuff to do. I do have a few errands and such to take care of but after that I MUST see the new Jennifer Aniston movie Bounty Hunter! My fiance cannot figure out why people like Jennifer Aniston movies. I admit not all of them are great but she just has the IT factor and most of them are cute movies. Don't you agree?

source: best week ever

She's on the cover and is featured in W magazine..... must buy.

source: W magazine

Btw, doesn't she have the most beautiful hair in the world. What is her secret!!

source: just jared
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. i agree she is always adorable. not to mention that i covet her hair. =] have a great weekend!

  2. Jennifer has the most absurd hair ever, I have taken a zillion pictures of her to my hair dresser over the years-he color is PERFECT!

  3. You're going to look stunning in your dress!

    I want to see that movie too. She's so cute...gorgeous hair and figure.

  4. I love jennifer and I cannot wait to see that movie!

  5. I was looking for Pants and was wondering if Elizabeth and James is the best designer for Pants?

  6. Fine photos :)
    I like the pfoto when they are together :)


  7. I love Jennifer Aniston! She look so beautiful and she's got a fine siluet! I want to see her film soon! Nice post

  8. Oh i absolutely adore Jennifer Aniston movies as well , But this going to be a double bonus with Gerad as well:)
    Have a happy weekend :)

  9. I would love to know her secret...I'v been coveting her mane for over a decade!

  10. Oh I have such a girl-crush on her! She just has such a no-fuss beauty to her, and it's really NOT FAIR lol.


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