Monday, February 8, 2010

Best Kept Secret

My Melanie

I often wonder how so many celebrities get luscious long hair. Well, I know not everyone can be blessed with amazing hair so they must get a little help. Their secret is out and it's hair extensions!


I've been an admirer and user of hair extensions for quite some time.

Now they have clip in extensions! This is the best because they don't damage your hair like the real ones that are bonded in (which I've tried and don't recommend). Who ever invented them is such a genius!

You can buy them with the clips already attached for easy use or DIY.

The supplies for DIY (all under $100):
  • 100% human hair weft bought at Sally's Beauy Supply store.
  • Hair thread & needle.
  • Hair clips.
  • Scissors.

How to make the clip in hair extension pieces:

  • Cut the weft into 4 sections: largest piece with three clips and three smaller two piece clip wefts (for the sides and lower end of the back of the head).
  • Sew clips on the hair.
The biggest piece has 3 clips, two on each end and one in the middle. This piece is placed in the middle of your head in the back.

Hair before:

How to put the extension in your hair:

First, clip the top of your hair out of the way as shown below.

You will want to place the first clip in piece right below the crown of your head from ear to ear. You can also place an additional two clip weft under this one so your hair is a little longer in the back.


Then place a piece on each side. This weft piece is smaller with just two clips.

End result:

Long luscious hair! Looks very natural.

Sometimes I add curls for a glamorous look. Perfect for a special event or a night out on the town.

Bombshell hair instantly!
I also have a few clip in pieces that are shorter for daytime use. It just gives me just a little extra length and volume.
Since this is real human hair, you can wash, dry and style it just like your own. To store it, just keep in in a long tupperware container in a dry place (the sun can damage it).
A few downsides are that you can't really be too active with them in (ie bike riding, working out) and it can be a little akward if the boyfriend touches your hair or even when friends hug you. They make feel a slight bump in your head but don't worry it's not visible to the eye. Plus extensions are so common now, people won't think it's that wierd.
It's so nice to be able to have thick long hair for a great price!


  1. i have been thinking about getting extensions for some time. that clip on looks ravishing on you

  2. lookin good... careful during sex ;) haha

  3. They look so natural, nobody knows!

  4. I have wanted to do that for soo long! Thanks for visiting my giveaway over at bon bon girls. let me know if you ever need anything from stella & dot. I can get you discounted shipping!

  5. Great Idea! Thanks for the tip. Kisses from

  6. Beautiful! I can't believe how natural it looks!

  7. Fab extensions ive got some too and they make such a difference.


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