Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crystal Light

By Melanie

I think my favorite home accessory is a chandelier. They are just so gorgeous to look at and add such elegance and style to a room.

Just so pretty! I love the smaller ones for the bedroom.

Not as nice as the crystal chandelier's but still cute. Perfect for someone who likes a more simple contemporary type of lighting.

And if a real chandelier just isn't your style, how about a picture of one?

source: photos above are from living etc.
Kinda cool! It goes well with the modern fireplace.

I have two in my apartment. Best purchase ever! One in the dining area and one in the spare room.

My chandelier is from Z Gallerie which is my favorite home furnishings store (although a little on the pricey side). It perfectly compliments the pink roses from my honey on Valentine's day!


  1. mmm i love the room in the 2nd picture, not sure why the 'mmm' as if it tastes good...but ya, that's what came out of my mouth when i saw it lol

  2. My sister is a big chandelier buff, she LOVES the sparkles! I think she would love that picture above the fireplace, I'm going to have to show her that! Thanks for sharing these!

  3. I love chandeliers too!! I can't wait to get my very own apartment so I can have a chandelier in like every room!!

  4. The chandelier in the third picture is amazing! Definitely my favorite!

  5. They're so beautiful and elegant. I love the modern chandelier.

  6. Love that white bed with the rusty orange wall. Agreed on the chandelier's as great accessories. So sad that our condo has such low ceilings. I bought one for our dining area and the contractor said it was too heavy. Took t to my parents' house and their contractor said the same thing!

    xx Vivian @

  7. I love chandeliers in a non-traditional room-- so funky and elegant, all at the same time. Also, I totally have that fun vase in the 4th pic-- it's from Moma and very cute. I gave one to a friend too!


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