Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogger Pick 3

by Heather
My google reader is overflowing with style blogs. I just can't get enough. Here are some of my favorite street looks this week from some of my favorite bloggers.

Love More. An easy, yet exciting dress with a great silhouette. It's perfect to dress up or down. I'm itching for springtime dressing! But for now, I would pair it with a thick cable-knit over-sized sweater, gray lace nylons, and over-the-knee boots.

Cupcakes and Cashmere. This is one of my favorite looks from Emily. I have a very similar lace vintage top (hers is F21) -- I'll have to wear it in a lookbook post soon. I adore the nude pumps.

Beckerman Bite Plate. What an amazing DIY idea! I'm going to make a similar pair with a few less hearts. Note to self: also a great idea for a tee.

AND bonus pick (this is "pick 3" but I had to post this one too)...

Keiko Lynn. This dress is from Target - the Rodarte line!! The bows on the back are a nice touch and the lace texture (cotton nylon blend) is great. Must get thee to Target!


  1. Love your picks! You have such a great eye.

    That heart skirt is so creative and cute.

    I was admiring that lace top at cupcakes and cashmere too!

    Your sister, Melanie

  2. Wow Heather! I love all these, you have such the eye for fashion. I want you to dress me!!!!

    Witch love.

  3. gorgeous outfits! i have so many style blogs on my blogroll, its crazy! :)

  4. cupcakes and cashmere is awesome.

    she has such good photos too!

  5. I tried on that dress at Target.

    Because of my hips, I had to wear PLUS sized. Yup. I'm normally a 4/6 in a dress and only the size 13 fit! Now, I KNOW I've gained weight but COME ON!

    That said, the dress was very cute and even if I ripped out the size tag I still thought...WHERE THE HELL WOULD I WEAR IT? lol

    Lusty x0x0


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