Monday, October 26, 2009

Bursts of Color

By Melanie

I love walking into a bright bold room where the colors just pop! It's like the room is yelling "Hello! Let me brighten your day!"

But with bright bold colors I think there is a fine line between it working right and being over powering. You need to have the right amount of bold for it to look good.

Bold done right:

photo source: Living Etc magazine

I think this green works well because it is paired with the white. This is such a cool bedroom. I need to revamp our room. I think Brian would be happy with this type of decor. Great style and not girlie. We already have the white duvet cover so we just need the headboard and the green walls.

photo source: Dwell Magazine

Orange floors? Some how it really works well. Notice how it's paired with the white. I like how the bookcase background is orange too. Nice flow.

This is a fun kitchen/dining area. I love that orange!

Bright pink that is not too girly.

Doesn't the bright blue wall play off the pink really well?

photo source for the above photos: living etc magazine
Green door and a green doggie scarf! How cute!

Happy Monday!


  1. these are all great! I have a very similar green in my bathroom and I love it:)

  2. Great pics sis! I love the room with the pink couch and lavender accent wall! So pretty and airy... and unexpected.

  3. I love all of these! It think the orange floor is awesome!

  4. WOW! I love all these rooms!


  5. I did a little bit of color myself in my room and I think it's essential to any home. You don't want to be bland and have people think you have no personality.

    I just recently had a love affair with color - we are still together. :)


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