Monday, October 12, 2009

What a place to have a wedding!

By Melanie

So, what do you think of the new header and look of the blog? We still have a few tweaks with the color to work on but we hope you like it!

This past weekend, Brian and I FINALLY had our engagement photos taken in Laguna Beach! I can't wait to share them with you!

photo by Strawberry Anarchy via Flickr

Now I'm totally in the wedding planning mood!

I started looking for a venue and it's tough out there! I've found a few but California is such an expensive place to have a wedding, especially the coastal area. For a beach view, it's way out of my budget if we want to invite more than family and very best friends. But now that I have my engagement photos at the beach, I'm thinking I would like my wedding to be a little more unique.

As you probably know, I have an absolutely LOVE Victorian homes. So it's quite fitting that I'm in love with The Newland House in Huntington Beach.

photo via

This home is a historic landmark. It was built in the late 1800's and was the FIRST residential home in Huntington Beach.

photo via

This photo is from the early 1900's. Houses and businesses are now built around the land. It's a bit surreal to see it back in the early days with all the empty land. The area doesn't even look the same now.

The Newland family were pioneers and helped build up Huntington Beach. I think having a wedding and reception at a beautiful home with all this history is pretty cool.

I found some photos of a real weddings that happened at the Newland House on the wedding chicks blog.

photo via Shannon Lot Photography.

I love the gazebo.

Another wedding here that I just adore was captured by Hugh Forte Photography.

I really love outdoor day weddings. So cheerful and fun. Great for photos!

I love the white picket fence. And her dress is so darling. The dress that I want is inspired by hers (more to come on that later).

Three photos above by Hugh Forte Photography

More wedding planning coming...

photo by Tiny Water Photography

Do you know of a coastal wedding venue that is just gorgeous and affordable? Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. im loving the gaezebo wedding idea! looks so pretty xxxxx

  2. love the new look! :)
    and it looks like you are going to have one gorgeous wedding.
    these are stunning inspirational! :)

  3. is heiress spelled wrong on the header? just giving ya a heads up

  4. love the new header!!! stop by gals, you are one lucky girl!!

  5. How fun! I love southern cali weddings! I can't wait to see your pics, I'm sure they are GORGEOUS.

  6. love the new layout!!! that venue looks beautiful!

  7. That is an amazing venue. And the new header is fabulous!

  8. Thanks for the heads up Anonymous!

    Glad everyone likes the new look!

  9. love the new header! I can't wait to see more pics! Venue looks great :)

    Congrats on finding a location btw!



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