Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Decorating

by Heather

I renewed my lease for a year in July and decided to do some redecorating. I was a quick-draw with the credit card, but hanging all the pretty artwork took months! I still have a few patiently waiting to be displayed, but here's some of the new additions to my cute beach cottage.
Pillows from Bo Concept. A gift from my wonderful beau and they couldn't be more perfect for my couch. It's hard to tell in the photo but the embroidery is beautiful. The couch is new too, but it's a slightly used Craigslist find by Ikea. It came with a mint condition red corduroy slip cover, but I opted out of the college dorm look and bought a new cream one for $11! Yep, $11! So no qualms about having a glass of red wine while lounging.

Papermoth's Easily Broken image from Etsy.

Alicia Bock's Friday's Child photograph and Breeze photograph bought from her Etsy shop.

Great Lakes print from Ork Posters. A shout out to my hometown as I grew up splashing around Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio. Alicia Bock's Fox Glove photograph from her Etsy shop.

The flower image on top of the fridge was a freebie with purchase from Alicia Bock. The urban coffee photograph on the fridge is from Gothicrow's Etsy shop. The painting on the wall to the left is a Van Gogh Sunflowers' reproduction found thrifting many moons ago. It's nicely framed in beat up red wood box.

Another gift from my sweetie! He's so good to me and has amazing taste. It's from a shop in San Diego called Mixture. It's resin on wood by Amy Paul.

Photograph taken from the Brooklyn Bridge by Weberphoto on Etsy. Sorry, there's a glare on it but click on the link to get a better view -- it's very cool. It's hangs above my flatscreen.

I also bought these prints from Papermoth, which go beautifully together, but I have yet to hang them.

Perpetual City.

in blue/violet.


  1. I love the pillows!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  2. Lovely art and the cushions look fab too :)

  3. Your place is decorated so well. I love all the art. Very unique and so stylish! And I agree, your bf has such great taste! Those pillows are gorgeous!

    Can I move in? hahaha.

    Your sis, Melanie

  4. Inspiring! Love those Etsy framed photos, so perfect!

    PS having a Forever 21 $25 E-gift certificate giveaway on my blog!

    x0x0 Lusty

  5. I love the artwork! It's funny to me how much one little framed piece can really change a room.

  6. Oh wow. I love your picks! Especially Friday's Child. Just my style!

  7. I LOVE the way u decorated. so modern and fresh! :)


  8. I LOVE the way u decorated. so modern and fresh! :)


  9. lovin' the blog!! i loove redecorating my apt with little things like this ... i'm actually doing something about that within the next few days on my blog. stop by + take a look!



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