Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Favorite Blog Lookbooks

by Heather

My google reader list is getting out of control! But I love looking at street style fashion though the blogger's lens. Here are some of my favorite lookbooks as of late.
via Natalie Off Duty. She's an adorable model living in LA. The jacket and beret really put this one over the top for me. And she knows how to work that sock trend.

via Caroline's Mode. The denim short trend going strong for fall. I love the dichotomy of this look: faux fur with shorts; nylons with rugged boots.

via Fashion Chalet. Beautifully mixed patterns.

via Altamira. Hanne Gaby Odiele leaving the Dries Van Noten show. The colors here are unexpectedly amazing together... and if you look close you'll see the cute tassels on her shoes.

via Altamira. Lara Stone during London fashion week. Her tee dress is way cool, and the perfect splash of color. Something happened to her shoes though... or is this an emerging trend? ;)

via Love Maegan. Great colors -- elegant and fun. Her goldie locks are perfection, always.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Any lookbook blogs that will hook me in?

Oh, and does anyone know how to change the original blue link color for Blogger? Melanie and I can't figure it out!
Hope you like the new look. Isn't Melanie's new header drawing amazing?! I'm so impressed with my big sis. Lil' sis can't even draw a stick figure.


  1. Love these look books! I also like What I Wore and Glamourai.

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Your sis, Mel.

  2. Really great looks!!! I too would love to know how to adjust my google readers colors! I too have way too many unreads, hint hint, it's been 1,000 plus for the last month, eek.


  3. AMAZING, love Lara!!

    Lovely blog - we'll be back!
    Come follow us @ TBAG
    <3 xx

  4. these are great looks...I draw inspiration from so many blogs!

  5. The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.



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