Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flee To Cleve

By Melanie

Labor Day weekend was spent in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Brian got to visit my family, see Ohio for the first time and have lots of fun of course!

At my Mom's house.

Ohio gets such a BAD rap! Television shows and comedians LOVE to make fun of it! I know it's not California, New York or some other desirable area to live/vacay in but it's not that bad of a place to live. The Northeast area of Cleveland is actually a pretty nice area. Sure the snow can be a bummer but the seasons are beautiful, it's full of lush trees (the metro parks are amazing), you can hear the crickets at night and Cleveland has a few cool neighborhood spots. But, I will admit that Cali is the best!

Our visit was a lot of fun. It's actually more fun to go back as a "tourist".

Downtown on a beautiful sunny day by Lake Erie. The Background is Rock n Roll Hall of fame. Which is THE coolest architectural design ever!

Ooh, some flames. Was this built to remind Clevelanders about the time the lake caught on fire? Ew! Don't litter :)

The Terminal Tower in the background on the far right.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland's claim to fame!

There is a lot of old beautiful buildings downtown. This one is a photo of a church.

We traveled down to 4th street where it's paved with cobblestone. This street is lined with restaurants, many with outside patios. This is such a quaint area. They've really rebuilt the city in the last few years.

We ate at a restaurant next to this one. But I love this sign.

We ate at Greenhouse Tavern. It's a cool, eco-friendly restaurant. I loved the decor and the vibe but the food was not that vegetarian friendly. The fries were cooked in duck fat! Yuck! Thank goodness our server was kind enough to tell us. I know it's the hip popular thing to do now but for a vegetarian, it's a disappointment! Plus, it's a bit ironic for an eco-friendly place.

Me, Brian and my Mom.

The next day, we met up with Granny at Cheesecake Factory. I love the mushroom veg burger.
Btw, Grandma turned 90 that week! Wow! If you look closely at the photo, you can see that she's rockin dark purple nail polish! She's so stylish!

Last stop- Ice cream of course! Well, frozen custard technically. It's Delicious!

Brian liked Ohio and love all of the family.

Cleveland Rocks!


  1. Wish I went with you!!

    Granny was even rockin' the dark nail polish before all hip bloggers!

  2. This post makes me think of the Drew Carey Show opening when everyone is singing, "Cleveland Rocks!!" Cool pics!

  3. Great pics! I was born in Toledo, but haven't been back to Ohio in years.


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