Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Special K

by heather
Over the weekend I fell in love. In love with Kafe K. Love at the first sniff of the robust aroma. A good cup of coffee - or soy latte - in the morning is happiness. And a delicious dessert in an inviting environment is the cherry on top. Although, I decided to take my berry creme brulee home where I could devour it in peace. They're located on Main Street in Santa Monica and it's owned by a friendly, hip, Euro-looking family.
Groundwork's (former #1) will still be in rotation with their organic goodies, DIY set-up, and heart-shaped frothy artwork topping my latte, but I'll be visiting my new friend quite often.

The outside of Kafe K. Isn't the Fork statue cool?

The inside - vibrant and cozy.

My tasty treats from Kafe K: soy latte, berry creme brulee, and chocolate fig truffle. The creme brulee came in a glass dish that they didn't charge extra for. It would be perfect for little floating candle.
A side note: don't you just love their logo?

One of my favorite weekend indulgences: relaxing in the yard with coffee and a new fashion magazine. This weekend I bought British Vogue and Nylon during my trek home from Kafe K. Nylon is usually hit or miss for me, but October's issue is excellent.

Feel the latte love.
Anyone know of any other good coffee shops in the Santa Monica area? I've always got one eye open. Or San Diego as I spend a lot of time there due to the BF.

How was your weekend? Discover any new places?

I know it's only Tuesday but I'm already counting down til Friday!


  1. You can't beat a good cup of coffee in the morning!!!

  2. Oh, I must go to that place with you sometime. Coffee as good as groundworks? Wow! I love to relax outside wih coffee and a good magazine.

    Can't wait to check out the British Vouge And Nylon mags. I promise not to keep them! haha

    Your sis, Melanie

  3. that creme brulee looks amazing!!! i am STARVING for it now!

  4. Kafe K looks like a great place for coffee.

  5. Latte love indeed, wish I could draw a heart into mine. i have one every morning :)

    THANKS for the comment, and info. Can't believe we traded weathers? ;)


  6. Mmmm...sounds good and that berry creme brulee looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!

  7. That sounds amaaazing! I adore cute little coffee shops =]

  8. I love coffee shops and fashion mags...sounds like a PERFECT day! XO

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