Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY - A Perfect Spot To Read

By Melanie

I saw this photo below and was instantly inspired to revamped an ugly old table that my boyfriend has. Instead of asking him to store it (and by store I mean hide) in the garage, I decided to DIY my own night stand!

Source: Made By Girl (From Room Service)

Originally I was going to paint it a bright color like the one above but then I thought that would compete too much with my fuchsia drapes and the room would have way too much pink. So I decided to stick with a very pale blue.

DIY Project begins:

Is this an eye sore or what! It even has rust!
After about a 1/2 of sanding and painting it, here is the finished DIY:

Although it's a bit on the short side, it works perfectly for a nightstand by my bed in the spare room. I love the how it's a great spot to place my favorite reads.

It actually is not as small as it looks in this photo though.
I think DIY may be my new hobby!

Side note: This past weekend I finally rented Twilight. Umm..I hate to say it but I didn't think it was that great. And I LOVE vampire and ghost stories. I thought it was a bit kiddie. You can tell it is made for teens. But maybe my view is skewed since I'm addicted to HBO's True Blood series.
Did you like Twilight? New Moon? I heard the books are better than the movies so maybe I'll read them.


  1. FANTASTIC, love the little white table.
    I did like the movies- but the books are better. So much more detail, as always with a good book turned movie. I didn't think I'd like them but I read every single one. You should read them and you can decide which team you're on for the next movie. Go team Jacob! (sorry, had to)
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Charmed giveaway!

  2. You're so good! How long did it take you to sand that? I have a huge table in my backyard that I am looking to make my springtime DIY. I love it!
    The first two twilight books were OK- the movie really didn't do it for me, and it's not only because I am a loyal Buffy fan. But, they didn't.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  3. Ooh girlie, what a beautiful project. Oh the wonders you can do with a sander and lick of paint. Love it.

    Twilight and New Moon, oh my gosh, take yourself back to those dark teenagery days and it's perfect. It's like a funny walk down memory lane, except with blood suckers instead of bad boys!

    Have a beautiful week xoxo

  4. What a great project!
    I just found your beautiful blog and I'm glad I did!

    Greetings from Italy!

    P.s. Come visit me, there's a lovely Christmas Giveaway!

  5. Well done! I love that blue. Cute but not totally crazy like the pink table. I'm always trying to tone down the crazy now that I live with a boy, and I think that light blue would pass!

  6. Oh wow that worked out beautifully! I LOVE it! Time to go home and look for things to paint... I'm thinking the coffee table.... :)

  7. What a fabulous job you did - that little table turned out so perfect! I have not ventured into the "Twilight" stuff yet... but I highly reccomend the Swedish vampire flick "Let the Right One In" - have you seen it?

  8. How awesome! I've been searching for [1] Nightstands & [2] A side table for an awkward spot in my living room. Now I'm thinking a DIY is in order. Thanks! :)

  9. you did an excellent job! i would love to do something like this!

  10. looks fabulous! :)
    i lovee it! :)
    i dont if i would have the patience to do :)

  11. I have two DIY dec projects waiting for me in the garage. Thanks for reminding me. As I'm DIY challenged....I need my Mommy. Ah ha ha


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