Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm in Miami B*!

By Melanie

As you know, Heather and I recently traveled to South Beach Florida for our cousin's wedding. It was gorgeous and so sweet to see her get married. She got married at one of the most beautiful places, The Spanish Monastery (so fitting that it's from Spain, they have such amazing architecture).

Isn't it so beautiful?

Me, my brother and Heather.

The reception followed at the Botanical Gardens. Beautiful again. Not only did we get to enjoy a oh so fabulous wedding but it was fun to hang out with family and see South Beach. I was there once before but that was many years ago.

The rest of our time there we acted like tourists!

The water there is so much prettier than California (but still partial to Cali). I love the aqua blue!

So picturesque!

The boardwalk.

This day was the only somewhat warm and sunny day. The rest of the trip was chilly (low 60's) for Florida weather.

Other days spent as a tourist:

More beach time :)

I love the sky in this photo!

Grassy area next to Ocean Drive.

Me on Ocean Drive. It was so fun to walk around. I loved how there were so many hotels, restaurants and bars lined up in a row. Although, I thought it was a little strange that the hostess would stand on the sidewalk and bug you to come eat and drink at their restaurant. It got to be quite annoying but other than that there seemed to be a lot of yummy and fun places.
Breakfast at The Front Porch Cafe. Great people watching!
Versace's house.

Our hotel. It was just okay. But perfect location (right on Ocean Drive across from the beach). And most of our family stayed here so we all were able to hang out a lot.
For our last day there, we switched hotels and stayed a night at the Mondrian (I'll blog about it next week). This place was so stylish!

Dinner on Ocean Drive. We also had dinner and drinks in an area called Espanola Way. Cute little area.
I would defiantly love to come back here BUT only when it's sunny and 80 degrees. I want to lay out at the beach and pool in my bikini rather than my sweater!

Have a great Wednesday! Countdown to NYE! Any fun plans yet?


  1. WOW. What an incredibly gorgeous venue!!

  2. Jeez - you BETTER act like tourists there - what a gorgeous place to be! You look gorgeous in all the pics, sounds like so much fun.

  3. Oh wow, that place looks like a dream to me... I'm pretending I'm there right now, as I'm totally over the 30-degree frigidness of CO :P

  4. Looks like so much fun!! Enjoy! I love going to the Tides hotel and the Delano to get drinks!

  5. how i LOVE florida, i used to spend so much time in boca growing up. great pics!

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