Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Seattle

by Heather

Over the holiday weekend I went to Seattle with my boyfriend to have Thanksgiving with his family. It was an awesome trip. My first time in Seattle and I loved it. Also my first time meeting my boyfriend's family and they were so sweet and welcoming.

We walked all over downtown Seattle on Friday and it was actually sunny!

We went to the free sculpture park which was pretty cool.

My woodsy requisite Seattle shot.

Pike's Place market had the most sinful mac n' cheese from Beecher's....and you know how I have a weakness for the gooey goodness.

If you look close you'll see that I caught this couple smooching at sundown.

This picture was taken right before the tree lighting in Westlake Center, but the crowd was so massive that we turned and walked in the opposite direction. It was beautiful there with all the white lights.
We capped off our day with a cocktail at the Four Seasons hotel bar. These pretty silver Holiday trees lined the lobby.

How was your holiday?

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  1. I really want to plan a trip there. Your fab pics only make me want it more!

  2. It sounds like you had such a good time! :) Seattle looks like fun...and I believe we would fight over bowls of mac and cheese :)



  3. Welcome to my town!!! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday trip here :)
    May you come back more often. Pike Place's is a fabulous place to wander and spend the day. I'm so glad the sun was out for you and not pouring rain like usual :)- Lol

  4. Looks like you had such a nice time. Great photos. Seattle looks so beautiful. I want to go there sometime.

    Your sister Melanie

  5. aw love the coffee shop image-is that jacket leather-amazing xo

  6. Happy Spanksgiving. Haha. Priceless. Literally, free admission. Haha.

    Enter to win a pair of ugg boots.

  7. Fab photos! Love the jacket you're wearing too :) Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  8. Ha, I live in Seattle! So happy you had a great time in my adopted city. :-)

  9. looks like u had a great time x

  10. looks like you had a great trip! :)
    great photos! :)


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