Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lookbook: Mac 'n' Cheese Dressing

by Heather
This is the perfect dress for macaroni and cheese binges, which I've been on lately! I'm actually having some left-overs from my lunch as I type. It's from the Co-op in Santa Monica and it's so oohey-gooey-good.

This dress is very forgiving yet figure flattering. The fabric drapes beautifully with the cross-over panels and nice tailoring.

It's also great for layering which is essential for Southern Cali living. It has spaghetti straps so it's perfect for a warm afternoon and then I can throw on a jacket and tights for the cool night breeze off the ocean. It's always a bit chilly at night by the beach in Santa Monica.

Best of all it was only $45! Surprisingly, it's Billabong but looks high-end contemporary.

(click on images to enlarge)

dress by Billabong; pleather jacket by Zara; necklace, bracelet, and earrings by Heirra (my handmade jewelry designs :)); thigh-high tights from; red leather purse by Carla Mancini (bought from Loehmann's a few years ago - my fav place for great bag finds); booties by Matisse (bought a few years ago); Rolling Stones "American Tour '81" vintage pin from Saint Thrift.

Happy Thursday! Not as good as Friday but heck of a lot better than Monday! I'm super excited because my BF comes back from his Tawain business trip tonight. :)


  1. Hi Heather!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! i use 135mm film camera called "Holga BC" :)

    I love this dress btw!! so beautiful :)

  2. This whole look is so fabulous! I need mac 'n' cheese dresses seeing as I frequently go on MNC binges as well.

    And have fun with your boyfriend tonight!

  3. Beautiful!!! I adore those types of dresses.
    WoW...color me RED. My fav color bag during winter of course, because it POPS :)-

    Happy Thursday girls.

  4. That dress is fab! I need something similar for my own mac & cheese binges! :)

  5. Ha, love that the dress not only looks wonderful but serves a practical purpose.

  6. I love that dress! I remember seeing it in person and was surprised that it was Billabong. It looked high end. Very stylish paired with the over the knee tights!

    Mmmm....mac and cheese. Sounds yummy!

    Your sister, Melanie

  7. Fantastic dress!!

    Love your blog <3



  8. wow.
    the dress is gorgeous and really suits you :)
    and i love your leather jacket too!

  9. I really like that dress, the print is great!

  10. really cute dress, what a great print!

    xx raez

  11. Hi, love love lvoe this pic ^^
    Come check out Dolce&Madonna!


  12. Love the dress is does look highend! the whole ensemble is great

  13. Red bag with this dress black and white is a good choice!
    Nice blog!
    Coralie from Paris

  14. You are soooo pretty!!!
    and the dress is gorgeous!

  15. hey look here:

    It has long been looking for you ..
    You are beautiful.
    Not very similar, but I liked this photo:)


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