Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lookbook: Sitting Pretty

by heather
Hey you. How was your weekend? I had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine here in Santa Monica. On Sunday my sleepyhead raced to Main Street to catch the tail end of the Farmer's Market. I was hoping to buy some juicy pluots and a chocolate almond croissant, but to my dismay they were either sold out or not available. So I diverted my food cravings by indulging in some shopping. I bought this gorgeous rayon floral dress for $32.99!

I love the colors in this dress. They make it easy to transition it through all the seasons here in Cali (or lack thereof :)).

The dress had shoulder straps that tie, but I wanted a more sophisticated look so I cut them off.
(click on photos to enlarge)

Dress by Audrey 3+1 from Bumble Bee boutique (inexpensive trendy clothes); Belt from another random boutique on main street; Jacket by Theory; Booties by BCBG; Earring by Heirra; Bracelets by Heirra; Tights from the 99 cent store.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the $100 jewelry giveaway!


  1. what a cute dress!

    {uninhibited fashion}

  2. I love this outfit. I like how you paired the dress with that belt to give it some edge. Good idea with the straps and tights from the 99 cents store? Wow!

    I have to borrow this outfit!

    Your sister Melanie

  3. Love that dress on you! It looks awesome with that belt and boots!


  4. Well hello there, pretty lady :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi!

    Okay, okay... Pulp Fiction was GOOD... I think I was snarky about Reservoir Dogs and being knocked off my MJ high... ;)

    Next stop: checking out your giveaway! :)

  5. your makeup is pretty. which lipstick did you use?
    ps. thanks for visiting my blog. vegas was amazing. :)


  6. This is a really cute outfit - you look lovely! :)


  7. There's something about floral dresses in the fall. I dragged one out of the closet, too, and it just felt perfect.


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