Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Heart New York (part 2 of mini vacay)

By Melanie

As you know the reason we went to NYC was because my friend ran the marathon. I wish I could say that I was at the booth in the photo above to pick up my number and t-shirt but I haven't reached that impressive ability yet (the longest race I've run is a 5 mile). But I soooo want to!

The marathon was so international. I've never seen a race so full of runners from around the world. Just being there to watch it was such a great experience. It was so inspiring and full of energy and emotion. We were able to get close up near the finish line and see the runner pass. Some people looked like they could keep going for miles, some were in tears and some barely making it. My friend that ran is such an inspiration. Not only is it such an achievement to run a marathon but she just had a baby about 7 months ago! This gal is amazing and looks great. I have a photo of her running but it's blury :(

Later Sunday evening we went to dinner and out for drinks and dancing. New Yorkers are so stylish. I noticed when we were in Soho the day before how every person looked so fabulous and hip. So naturally, we California girls, had to "bring it" too ;)

My friend looked so gorgeous and stylish. I just loved her outfit. I made her take photos!

Yellow skirt- Forever 21
White shirt - Express

She had a big pretty necklace on which totally made the outfit (I think forever 21). Chocolate tights and platform heels. She looked like a model!

Dinner at Pipa Restaurant. This was a spanish tapas restaurant that had a live band that played salsa music.

Cheers with Sangria!

Good friends!

Good times!

The food was so delicious but what topped it was the decor! The decor here was my absolute favorite. The ceiling was covered with glimmering chandeliers. It looked so pretty.

I so wish the OC would catch on and introduce some cool restaurants like this!

This wall was adorned with seashells. Pretty cool!

Next stop was Hotel Gansevoort.

I love the design of the type for the signage.
Here I am on the patio taking in the view (H&M dress).

Last stop of the night was dancing (I think it was called Tangiere, but I could be wrong). Sorry no photos-too silly!

On Monday, the girls left in the morning. My flight wasn't until late evening so I explored the city on my own.
Luckily by now I figured out how to get around (well almost). I walked up 5th avenue which was pretty cool. Major shopping and cool buildings.

The store windows had some exquisite window dressings. I took a lot more photos but they didn't come out. This is the only one but it was my favorite anyway.

I squilled with delight when I saw the huge beautiful library. Not only because I'm an avid reader but I think this is the library where Carrie from SATC almost married Big at.
No photos from inside because it was closed for an event (could SATC #2 be taping)?

I sat on the steps and people watched for awhile. I think New York is the best city for this.

I walked all the way up to Central Park and chilled on a bench. I've always wanted to hang at Central park on a picnic blanket relaxing under the sun. Maybe spring/summer next year?

This is my favorite photo. I think I will frame it. Isn't it amazing!
After the park I spent the rest of the afternoon at MoMA- Museum of Modern Art. This museum had the coolest exhibits. Stay tuned for some fun and fabulous art!


  1. You take great photos! I've heard of Pipa kind of sticks out in my head because the greek meaning of the word (a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding accent, of course) is something dirty!
    The sangria looks great!

    Glad you had fun here, and jealous that you can run marathons! (I can barely jog a mile!)


  2. Looks like you are having fun. Love your friend's outfit :)

  3. You girls look beautiful!!! Luv your friends attire as well. Such a great splash of color.

    NYC...never been, but hope to one day :) Enjoy your week hun.

  4. Really great photos and amazing outfits!

  5. I love the blue dress!
    Coralie from Paris

  6. you all look beautiful and it sounds like such a blast!

  7. lookin' sharp! I live in NY, and looks like you guys really saw a good time.


  8. I love your friend's yellow skirt! and you are gorgeous!

  9. I love NY...need to schedule a trip pronto! thanks for sharing. love your pics.

  10. Looks like you girls had wonderful times in NYC. That's awesome. I live in NYC, but never even heard of that Pipa restaurant, it looks great. Got to try it now.


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