Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lookbook: Acid Trip

by Heather
At first I said unh-hu, I'm not succumbing to the acid-wash/stone-wash 80's revival trend. Because, I actually wore it back in the day (albeit, I was in grade school). But the more I saw it, the more I wanted it. So I opted for a black wash, subdued version.

My taste in fashion has become more refined and true to myself as I've aged. In my late teens and early 20's I coveted EVERY fashion trend, but now I'm much more selective. I tend to buy staples that I know I'll wear for years to come. Accessories are my fashion-forward ammunition.

(click on images to enlarge)

Are you gals into the '80s and '90s trends, if you remember when it was first on the scene?

Acid wash leggings by American Apparel; faux-leather jacket by Zara; silk tank by Alternative Apparel; booties by BCBG; Necklace by PrettyFine Jewelry; moonstone ring by PrettyFine Jewelry; vintage WMMS (Cleveland rock station) pin; zebra shades from Anthropologie; Bag by Tosca Blu.


  1. Love the look! I tend to be more, how much use can I get out of this item kind of gal. 80s or 90s looks? MMmm my friends would have to answer that one. LML would die laughing if I walk out the house with a tie dyed tee and leggings like I used to :)

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. You look so cool in those acid wash. You probably pull it off much better this time around! Haha! But then again you were such a cute kid.

    Great photos!

    From Your sister Melanie

  3. I wish I had found your blog sooner! I love it and the name!

    I tried resisting the 80s friend. A friend of mine says you should only wear a fashion trend once.... but I've strayed. I'm getting some tie dyed denim leggings, I have soooo many white tops and the black jackets. And I try to think of myself as a non-fashion victim. oops.


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