Monday, December 14, 2009

When It Rains It Pours!

By Melanie

Friday evening after shopping for Christmas presents, my car broke down! I had to have it towed all the way home. We're in the process of getting it fixed. Ugh! I hate car problems.


Luckily my Honda CRV has been pretty good throughout the years. But it's still not fun dealing with car issues! It almost makes me want to get a new car but it's just so nice not having a payment now.

source: Clifford Coffin 1950 Vogue Magazine

So after all the car problems, I enjoyed the rest of the weekend. It was nice staying in and listening to the rain Saturday night. I totally got into the holiday spirit and played some Christmas music and designed my Christmas card! I should get it back from the printers on Tuesday and I can't wait to mail them out.

I used one of the engagement photos that Brian and I toke awhile back (here) and turned it into our Christmas card.

Engagement photograph by Henry Bui at
(Christmas card designed by me)

I wanted it to have a California feeling so that's why I didn't use traditional Holiday colors. I think it turned out cute! Do you like it?
How was your weekend?
side note: Did you see the shocking DEXTER season finale? Whoa! That was intense!






  2. What a cute X-mas card. Aww yeah I hear ya about car problems. I have a Honda too. It's usually good but when it's got a problem it totally does. Good luck with fixing it!!

  3. Cute card! I love the colors. That would brighten up any mailbox!

  4. LUV the card! You gotta stay true to you, so who cares if it doesn't have traditional colors?? :) You two are adorable!

  5. what an adorable card!

    ps: dexter was SO good last night! i figured she would get killed, but i did NOT expect it then!

  6. love the card!!!!

    car troubles are the worse...hope it all works out!

  7. Ohhhhhhh, the days of non payments. If only!

  8. What a SURPRISE!, last Friday my car broked down too. This image from "you might also like" caught my attention cuz this is exactly what i was going through last friday! Btw. Made by Girl mention about you! Great Blog! =)


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