Monday, September 21, 2009

Chic Pad

By Melanie

photo via Super Super Magazine

I've always love to see how people decorate their homes. It's such a creative expression of who you are and an extension of yourself. When designers let us peak into their homes, it's an absolute treat! Definitely some eye candy! Their homes are usually just as creative and gorgeous as their professional work. It's also interesting to see if their homes reflect the same style that they are known for.

Living etc gave us a little peak into the British designer, Lulu Guinness's chic Victorian Terrace.

Lulu Guinness is known for her lips and rose patterns.

Love the curves of the couch.

One of my favorite styles of art is silhouette art. This one is so elegant. I love the black wall decor with the bright blue.

This room is so airy and bright. Look at that huge window! That would make a great breakfast nook.

A blue, black and white palette is just so stylish. I love her over sized perfume bottle sitting on the ledge.

Although Lulu is successful in the fashion world, she's also popular in home decor. She's known for her bed linen.

photo via

I like how the rose bed linen is paired with a black headboard. It balances the girliness of the pink flowers.

What a chic home!


  1. what a "cute" space

  2. That silhouette is so beautiful. I would love to hang that on the wall of my dream office!

  3. I love Lulu Guiness! That silhouette picture is fun, too. It reminds me of an old cameo.

  4. her place is very light, airy, and GIRLY!

  5. I like the girliness, but I also appreciate the slight tinge of irony I sense in the very Barbie-esque silhouette and in a few other small touches. It's perfect.

  6. Lulu's place is very much what I thought Lulu's place would look like. Actually, anyone called Lulu!

  7. Oh! How wonderful! I love interior design as well!!

  8. Mmm... I want a spacious white kitchen with huge windows just like that!



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