Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gotta Have It: Pattern Nylons

by Heather
Nylons are back in action.
I worked at Victoria's Secret in college and despised the dress attire policy of wearing nylons -- even in the summer! But now I'm loving the pattern nylon trend. I'm looking forward to sporting some with boots for fall. I bought a pair a few months ago but couldn't bear to wear them in the summer heat. What do you think - yay or nah?

via Circa Now (I adore her blog.)

via Fashion Copious (One of my fav inspiration blogs.)

Lindsey Lohan
via Vogue Paris September '09

via Viktor Vauthier

via TFS
via Circa Now
by Bella Howard for Platform


via Soma Magazine

via Vogue Paris
Chloe Sevingy

Carmen Kass


  1. They look pretty but i cant bear wearing them

  2. I love pattern nylons! They are better than tights because they are less thick. A girl at my work had on argyle ones and they looked so cute! I was surprise that someone wore something so fashionable at my work (because it's very corporate) but she's very into fashion. Can't wait to buy some for the fall!

    Your sister, Melanie

  3. i say YAY! and i actually think that the lindsay lohan photo is my favorite... i NEVER thought i'd say that!

  4. I worked at victorias secret at main place for about a month!

    I love this look and am anxious to use it this fall

  5. i like the vertical patterns. otherwise I look fat.

  6. wow beautiful!

  7. Hi there, i just found your blog! Love these pictures, and the pattened nylons. Pefect for when its not quite dress weather.


  8. i can't wait for it to be cold enough to wear tights again


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