Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Me and Mac

by Heather
Hello lovely readers! Please excuse my absence from the blog world last week; my dog ate my post. Well, maybe if I had a dog that would be plausible. Actually, my refurbished Toshiba wasn't cooperating so I took the plunge and bought an Apple Macbook Pro! Consequently, I'll be on a PBJ diet for the next 3 months but it's SO worth it. It's amazing! Night and day difference from my PC.... so many cool features and great speed. Here's a snapshot I took of myself while writing this post with my built in camera (I added a vignette effect).

I've also justified the purchase because I'll be taking graphic design classes at Santa Monica Community College soon. Can't wait!
I'm still learning how to use my new Apple and discovering all the features; anyone have any tips?


  1. Ooh girl your long beautiful hair is envy inducing! You've got such fab style and the little glimpse of your appartment in the background looks stunning. Well done on the new Mac, I can't wait to replace mine with a mac just because I'll take any excuse to visit the geeks in the the apple shop! Have a fab week xoxo

  2. Congrats on the new Mac!!! You're going to love it.

    And you are so GORG!

  3. i was thinking of getting a mac to. i had one and loved it....

  4. Isn't the MAC sooo much better- I LOVE MINE!!
    Welcome back! Love your blog


  5. I'm so jealous! I want one too! It's so sleek and fun.

    PB&J is totally worth it!

    Your sister, Melanie

  6. I just bought one last month too!!!! OOOH! You have to let me know how you like it! My IBM broke and we took the major plunge! I love it so far!!

  7. how cool, i am a pc girl, but have thought about switching over!

  8. wow. gorgeous picture! and congrats on the mac -- you're gonna love it!

  9. you look beautiful.

    and i'm looking forward to some posts!

  10. oh, i hope you love the new mac! i have one at work, and it is super as long as everything works. but if it has a problem, taking it to the mac store is kind of a nightmare and they take forever to fix.

    i don't know that many tricks, but the screen capture one is my favorite. i think it is shift, apple 4. it is rad. it takes a picture of whatever you have on your screen, and you edit the size. it automatically saves as a jpeg to your desktop. fucking rad.


  11. We're thinking about taking the Mac leap too. Congrats!

  12. My brother just bought one and too is in love. He also took a few classes at MAC to learn how to maximize it and said they were totally worth the time. Cool pic!


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