Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worker Bee

By Melanie

I'm thinking about sprucing up my desk in the spare room (seen here and here) and maybe even my cube at work (I'm really tired of looking at those boring plain filing folders). I found some really fun chic desk accessories from Sorting With Style.

All photos from

These file folders would look so stylish on my desk!

A little note pad always comes in handy.

I love these binders! They are perfect for storing my inspiration photos and work notes.

I love the design on this clip board. And it's eco-friendly!

I love polka dots! I may leave this one out of the work meetings but it's perfect for my cube or desk at home.

A paper weight with a little reminder.

These are so much prettier than the average sticky note pad.

These accessories will make working so much more fun!


  1. Ooo What a cute idea!! Love the lamp on your desk btw. I think I'll spruce up my desk too with much needed color! =) Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I love all those adorable filing folders ..why didn't someone think of that sooner?

  3. Those are soo very cute! And I bet they'll make your day go by faster at work, and you'll have more fun!

  4. They're all so cute. My desk could use some sprucing!

  5. THANK YOU! I must get some of these items asap!


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