Monday, September 28, 2009

You are what you eat....and wear?

By Melanie

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I'm a skin care nut and always on the search for the new hot product that will leave my skin glowing! My search for the perfect mask is over thanks to the Hungarian skin care line Eminence.

photo via eminence organics

Their masks are made of natural ingredients. So natural, that you can even see and feel the fruit or vegetable particles.
My favorite it the carrot vitamin mask. It smells like CAKE! So yummy that you want to eat it!

Eminence masks are a treat to all your senses. It FEELS amazing, SMELLS divine AND makes your skin LOOK so fresh and gorgeous!

photo via the daily green

photo via skin dimensions
Yum, sour cherry! This one is is a definite must for my next at home spa night!

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  1. i ama chewy lemon head...candy...candy

  2. great find...look like i have to test that mask out!!!

  3. oh, how i would love to try these! my skin has been breaking out like mad from period and stress, and it needs some tender loving and delicious smelling products! this might fit the bill. :)


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