Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Less Is More

By Melanie

photo via W magazine

When choosing a makeup look for a night out, I definitely think the same fashion rule "cleavage or legs" applies to makeup. Pick one feature to highlight. Either BOLD EYES or BOLD LIPS.

photo via elle

photo via harpers bazaar

I prefer highlighting the eye and leaving the lips pale.

But I love how gorgeous bold red lips look. Maybe I should try it sometime.

photo via v magazine

photo via allure magazine

photo via in style magazine

Mischa Barton highlights the bold lip well.

My sister Heather looks great with the red lips too.
Although it may look amazing and cool pairing both the bold eye and bold lip together on the runway or in an editorial..........

photo via w magazine

photo via person, I think it's best not to do too much at once. It's just too confusing. I prefer to keep it simple. What about you?


  1. I try not to break that rule. But sometimes I think I do and it looks nice too. :)

  2. Honestly, as a man I love it when a woman has either bold eyes or bold lips or both, but then a little bit less bold, because it can become too intimidating :P

  3. Such a great tip! It's so easy to overdo it sometimes. Simple is much better.

  4. Less is more...I don't have nice lips so I don't wear red lipstick too often but for a concert on Saturday I'm starting to think I'll go for that over my usual smokey eyes...

  5. I'm def a smokey eye/light lips kinda gal. dark lips just do not work for me.


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